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Build your confidence, develop your skill, achieve your goals

It’s quite common to reach a crossroads or feel slightly off-track on occasion. Whether it’s your personal skills or challenges in your business, I can help.

Sometimes, nothing is ‘wrong’. You simply want to shape your vision, get some clarity, and get there faster.

Always tailored to your needs, I provide coaching and training for small business leaders and solopreneurs with an appetite for improvement. One-to-one or as part of a group, enjoy the success you aspire to.

With the right support, anything’s possible.

One-to-one individual coaching

Why does every committed sportsperson have a coach? For the same reason most thriving business leaders have one too.

It’s how they remain focused and resilient, always moving forward in the right direction.

Is it time you had a coach too?

Coaching isn’t telling you what to do. I use my experience to help you uncover your own answers and motivation. All too often, we get caught up in ‘doing’ and never find time to consider if our goals and behaviours are taking us down the right path.

The difference between what you should do and what you could do can be massive.

Your investment in you, will reap huge rewards.

Together, we form a coaching plan that’ll work for you. My two-hour sessions are priced from £300.

To see results, I recommend at least three sessions, typically at monthly intervals.

Business Coaching

Running a small business can be exhausting. And lonely.

You’ll feel you need to do everything: create the product or service, market the business, and manage it.

Successfully building your business demands relationships with the right people:

  • Customers who want to buy from a business aligned with their values

  • Business partnerships that uncover referrals and collaborations

  • A motivated team within your business

It’s a fact: nobody can build a business on their own.

Providing a blend of coaching and training, we can work together to get you the results that you want.

You may then decide to join a small group of micro business owners, looking to grow faster together.

Boardroom Buddies mastermind membership is ideal for established business owners looking to achieve the next level and there is the full membership option or the online Boardroom Buddies Lite option.

Meeting monthly, you’ll learn, develop, and collaborate to get the results that you want. No longer alone, you’ll have steadfast accountability and a team cheering you on.

Want to start focusing on your goals?

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