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Your potential is ready to unlock – I’ve got the key.

I love Jim Rohn’s famous quote: “We are the average of the five people we spend most time with.”

It’s so true. Surrounding yourself with the right people will transform your achievement. Don’t focus on those who are indifferent to your goals. Instead, spend time with people who’ll help you find your way and spur you on.

When you find those people, your future gets more interesting.

My consulting background

For over 20 years, I’ve developed people within businesses. I’ve enhanced leadership skills, enabled fresh thinking, and changed limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Having worked across countless industries including construction and manufacturing, hospitality and retail, finance and legal, I’ve accelerated the potential for many business leaders and their teams.

My clients’ results are living proof that people are the most valuable resource in your business. Your investment in yourself, and others, will repay you many times over.

When it comes to qualifications, I hold a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology, Master Practitioner: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an HNC in Business and Finance. I’m also a Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile Consultant Trainer..

I've been there too

My first-hand small business experience started as a child. Growing up among a tightknit family business, I saw the determination and resilience my parents needed to achieve results. The juggle of resources, time, and life balance was very real. Not to mention the never-ending need for self-belief and confidence (even when it felt impossible).

Not surprisingly, I ended up running my own small businesses for over 30 years. Like me, you’ll recognise the giddy highs and anxious lows that accompany self-enterprise and leadership.

Small business can be immensely rewarding yet extremely lonely.

Could I help you?

Today, my coaching and training accelerates success for established small business owners and solopreneurs. Your desired success might be growth, or it could be realignment. Whatever your goal, I help you get there faster.

Many clients join my Boardroom Buddies mastermind groups. With a smart combination of collective intelligence, expert learning, and accountability, you’ll never feel alone again.

Using my Boardroom Buddies approach, the groups are small, personable, and incredibly constructive. You’ll identify and build key relationships, generate high-quality leads, and move your business in the direction you want.

Alternatively, I develop tailored coaching and training on a one-to-one basis. Should you prefer this route, we’ll create a plan that’s in tune with your needs. That might be improving your business skills or developing a plan to grow your business.

Remember, I’ve been there too.

Ready to talk?

I’d love to hear from you. Let’s chat about your business hopes.

Find out if I’m the one to help you get there faster.

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