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An HR consultant that fixes your problem- fast

Finding, motivating and managing the right people can be a challenge. And the risk is, you get bogged down in time-consuming and costly problems that negatively impact the productivity of your business.

There are times when an experienced HR consultant is a Godsend.

I can support your HR team in many ways – adding specialist skills and resources, exactly when you need them. Let me explain a couple of common areas I can support you with.

Recruitment & Assessment

You’ll know that choosing the right people first time delivers no end of benefits. Productivity, lower staff turnover, job satisfaction and a nurtured culture being just some of them.

So, how do you recruit the right person every time?

I can coach your staff running the interviews; or complete the interviews for you. I can guide you on the right structure, the right questions and how to avoid costly pitfalls such as unintended discrimination.

Tackling Absenteeism

It can start with a few ad-hoc sickness days and develop into something more serious. It might be one person or many.

The root causes for absenteeism are varied. I can identify the problem and tailor a plan of action to resolve it. And I can help you action that plan.

Furthermore, I can put systems in place to effectively monitor your levels of absenteeism. Alarm bells will then ring loudly, should a problem start to develop. And with my support, you’ll nip it in the bud. Less conflict, less time and money wasted.


When it comes to assessments, they’re worth their weight in gold. I offer many proven techniques such as psychometric profiling and language and behaviour (LAB) profiling. They’ve identified the right candidate for many clients, time and again. They’ve also helped to avoid many costly disasters.

Whatever your HR consultancy need, I’m here to talk. You might have a cultural problem in your business, or perhaps an issue with employee engagement. Let’s have a chat and I’ll explain how I could help you – my support tailored exactly to your requirements.


“I strongly recommend Jackie because she is professional, caring, diligent and knowledgable in her field. If you need an expert to deliver sensitive training which requires a non confrontational style, then Jackie is the expert you need.”
Emma Giboney, Director
Knapp Consulting

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