Plan your networking

As far as business development and networking, are you feeling that you have had time-off during the pandemic?  How are you going to get back to it?

As lockdown started many of us resorted to online networking and incorporated a virtual meeting platform into our lives even more than before and it looks like online networking will continue for now. 

Are you ready to resume or increase your networking attendance?  For some, who don’t really like the idea of networking, online networking has done little to enhance their enjoyment but every business needs to develop a pipeline or new connections.  So we will go back to doing what we always did and continue to join a variety of networking groups with little thought to what we are trying to achieve- apart from ‘I want more customers and sales’.

It is useful though to have a bit of a plan or strategy around your networking and of course, the best way of getting new clients is through referrals.  Referred customers, buy more quickly, more often, stay with you longer,Lining your ducks up and most importantly provided you have done a good job, refer you to others.

Referrals of course are made to you only when certain aspects are met, the biggest and most fundamental being, Trust.  This is so vital and probably takes a little while to achieve so going to new networking events is great for increasing your connections and starting to build business relationships but the goal of achieving more sales by simply doing that may be a little while in the making.

Before you do anything else, why not have a look at those people you already have a business relationship with, those people who may be in your contacts in your phone or database and get in touch, ask how they are but DO NOT SELL to them.  Your best referrals will come from people who trust you so if they think that you are going to sell to them every time you speak to them, this will not help your relationship.

You may have lots of good connections already who can help you grow your business and who you can help grow theirs.  

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