Together, we fly. Because more brains are better than one.

When you want practical support to achieve results, a hosted mastermind group is ideal.

You might know them as peer-to-peer or collaborative growth groups. Working with a maximum of six other business owners and myself, we evaluate our businesses, challenge ourselves, and share learnings.

A fresh perspective can help you become unstuck. Together, we’re stronger and collectively more successful.

“Being part of the mastermind group has given me time to think about, and work on, my business, and to find time away from client-facing work (always a challenge in a small business).”

Who’s this for?

My mastermind groups are for established business owners who:

  • Want to grow or re-align their business
  • Want to learn and develop their skills
  • Don’t have a trusted team around them
  • Never have time to develop their ideas
  • Need accountability to get things done


How does it work?

Drawing from experience and knowledge of running small businesses and developing people and leaders I bring together groups of people with ambitions for their business as well as their own experience and skills.

I work with you to develop your thinking, overcome the psychological barriers that may be holding you back and help you to regain your mojo and achieve what you want in your business.

To maintain confidentiality, everyone signs a non-disclosure agreement on joining.

The membership deliberately covers diverse business sectors. This results in different thinking and refreshingly good ideas flourishing. It boosts the collective brainpower to fuel your business.

We meet for a morning every fortnight or a whole day once a month (depending on the group preference) – you’ll have seven hours of support monthly. Each session is structured into:

  • Accountability time
  • A member hotseat opportunity
  • A learning and development session
  • General collaboration
  • Your goals and actions for the month ahead

Experts often speak in the learning and development session. Topics (which you can request) have included time management, marketing, and cash flow management.

You’ll have ample opportunity to focus on your own business challenges, enjoying my guidance, plus the thoughts and ideas of others in your group.

What will I get?

A hybrid of practical learning, development, and collaboration, your seat in Boardroom Buddies business growth mastermind is £245 (+VAT) a month.  Initially, your membership runs for 6 months. From there you can continue monthly at a monthly rate of £185 (plus VAT)-most choose to.

Your Boardroom Buddies membership gives you:

  • A fortnightly half-day session via Zoom or a full day 'face to face' group session and as a new member of Boardroom Buddies, you receive 6 x 1-hour additional one-to-one Coaching sessions with me. 

  • A chance to work on your business for real, talk through challenges, gain specific advice, share ideas, find your passion, and get inspired to take the action you need.

  • Your seat in a designated mastermind group (maximum six members). Each session runs for an entire morning every two weeks or a whole day every month, with ample opportunity to learn and collaborate.

  • A sense of belonging to a group of like-minded business owners whose collective intelligence will help move you and your business forwards.


"Some of the tasks I've set myself have been well outside my comfort zone. But it has helped me grow as a business owner. I now find myself in a stronger position than when I started out at the beginning of the year."

Want to trial part of a mastermind session?

Join a Boardroom Buddies Discovery Session


My guarantee to you

I’m so focused on your results, if you’re not convinced you’re closer to the objectives you set after three months (of a mastermind group) or three sessions (of coaching) even though you have done all that you needed to do,  I’ll refund your investment. Can’t say fairer than that.

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