Are you getting enough from your Networking?

If your answer is that ‘it could be better’, then that’s much the same as most people that I ask. A few years ago, I did what I understood at the time to be a Networking Training programme that was an absolute game-changer for me. You see I had been networking morning, noon and night to generate business, but it Just wasn’t paying off considering all of the time and effort that I was putting in. Of course, occasionally I got lucky and met someone who actually wanted to buy my services, but it was a lot of hours to get so few clients. In fact, my husband commented that he thought my business was actually meeting people and having coffee (and where possible CAKE!) And yes, I did get bigger physically around the middle! So, let me tell you more about this training programme. I thought that I’d earned my stripes at networking, but I am always keen to learn new things and improve what I do. It was a surprise to find that ‘networking’ was not where we started. In fact, networking itself came much further into the course.  Success image
This course was and is much more about you, your audience and how you reach them with the underpinning theme of building a referral marketing strategy and working plan. After all we all know that the best clients come from referrals. So, this course showed us how to do the right behaviours in a planned and meaningful way to strengthen the right business relationships for me and my business. I started my business like many other business owners to have more choice about how and who I work with, to find a few years into it that the hours were massively more than when I had a ‘proper’ job and I wasn’t doing what was making me happy let alone generating enough revenue. We learned to think more strategically about our business, what it is about and then move to identifying if we had the right people in our network. And if not, how we go about finding, selecting and developing the right strategic relationships. Now that all sounds a bit cold and impersonal, but it was very much based on the ethos of ‘Know, Like and Trust’ because rarely do we do business with anyone that we don’t like.
It was a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, but you design the pieces as you go along. We implemented the relationship-building activities in between each session and then shared our experiences, learning from each other. The training incorporated brand and image, target clients and the right referral partners, vision, mission, all of the time working on your business live, establishing effective behaviours that enhanced what I was doing already and showed me what to change. I loved the material so much, it had helped me to gain a core of strong business relationships so I trained to be an Asentiv Coach and now deliver this programme alongside my other Training and Coaching.

Want to find out if it could work for you? Or have some questions about how I can help you build your business get in touch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0121 289 4400

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