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 If you have ever seen a video, read, or listened to a successful person who has achieved amazing things or incredible wealth, they will likely state that they had a team of people around them to help them achieve their goals whether financial or life goals.  In some instances that might mean that you join a peer to peer or Mastermind group to grow your business.

However, for some, though I suspect that if you are the business owner or the main business driver, then inviting others to discuss your ideas, direction, and goals and who then hold you accountable for your actions,  could leave you in a cold sweat!   It’s easier to do nothing but of course, don’t expect a different result if you are not prepared to change anything. 

Then there is the effort of making new connections and relationships.  How many times do you meet a group of people or one individual even and find it difficult to relate to them because they are different?  Humans don’t like uncertainty which is why we find those kinds of situations uncomfortable.

Getting to that comfortable point in a conversation,  building rapport with someone who communicates in a different style to you may take a little longer but the key here is to have a willingness to build a relationship and the more you expose yourself to that situation,  generally the easier it will become. 

It is natural to be protective of your business, wanting to ensure that it is ‘safe and sound’ but the flip side of that coin is that you could also prevent exposure to new ideas, challenges, and solutions. 

You will have heard the saying that ‘it is lonely at the top’  sometimes it is because of confidentiality that you can’t discuss things with others but it can also be because you are so immersed in your day to day task list and delivery,  that the only person having a discussion with you, is you

Often when we think about joining a group or network, we think about being part of a group of ‘like-minded people’ which is nice from a level of comfort but probably not as good for your business as you might think.  If everyone is the same as you, how are they going to offer you different ideas and solutions and vice versa?  How can you grow as a person? 

What is your motive?  If the only reason for joining a group is to get more sales then you may have to think about your mindset.  Remember that nobody likes to be ‘sold to’, a room full of target clients is unlikely and if your only motive is to sell then you will get found out.  In Bob Burg and John Mann’s book, The Go-Giver one of the key values is that your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

If you are genuinely a giving person then a peer to peer group or Mastermind as it is often known is likely to work very well for you.  You will understand the law of reciprocity and genuinely see the benefit of helping others as well as helping yourself. 

I would suggest that you find a group of people where the only similarity is the recognition that self-development directly correlates with business growth and a desire to support and help others to achieve their goals.  No one person should dominate including the facilitator, the only expertise that you need from the facilitator is that of facilitating.

Of course, most people will come at it from an ‘investment cost’ and ask ‘what their ROI will be?  Like most things in business, time is important, and ROI is bound to take a little while.  People still buy from people, so my recommendation is that you treat people how you want to be treated, work on creating strong business relationships and remember that Know Trust and Like must be there to do business. 

People often forget what you say but they won’t forget how you make them feel.  This as a long- term strategy and not a quick fix.  Find people who have been part of this sort of group to get their story and you only have to look on the internet to find people who have significantly increased their business and developed themselves by being part of a peer to peer or Mastermind group. 

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