Mindset matters!

Have you ever heard the term Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset? I was listening to an audiobook in the car and reference was made to Mindset and Growth Mindset. The context was education, but it got me thinking about mindset and business.

It is hard to describe exactly what Mindset is but generally, it is the collection of thoughts, beliefs, values and experiences that you have about something that creates the attitude that you have about it. And if your mindset to an extent pre-determine how you will respond to something.

It will come as no surprise that the amount of effort that you are prepared to make to achieve something will often depend on your Mindset. Clearly, why would you put effort into something that you don’t believe will work!

We know from athletes and those who are world-class at what they do that the belief that you can achieve and commitment to making the effort is vital to success. I accept that for athletes there is a bit more to it, such as health, diet and the right Coach!

Our mindset affects how we get things done, the amount of effort we make and it can stop us from developing or growing as a person. A fixed mindset means that a person is less likely to try to view things from another perspective, will readily find ‘reasons’ that something won’t work or hasn’t worked, even to the point of saying ‘I’m no good at this’ and have done everything that I can!

By comparison, someone with a ‘growth mindset’ is much more likely to try out new ideas, change what they are doing to get a better result and embark on learning, as well as make increase their focus and effort to achieve their goal.

Why is all this important now? How we do business has changed, my own business is quite different from what it was like when we first started. In the UK we have a high degree of uncertainty right now so to be more flexible, collaborate, make the most our connections, increase our knowledge and focus may help us overcome some of the challenges that we all face in business.

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