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Asentiv Mastermind Community

Are you an established business and want to take your business to the next level?  Are you wanting to shape your business so that it is easier to run? 

The world has changed around us and knowing which step to take next can be a challenge. Not least because being at the head of your business can often feel isolating and at times just a little too much. 

The Asentiv Mastermind brings together a group of like-minded people who:

  • Want to move their business forward
  • Want to shape their business differently or develop it further 
  • Recognise that they can't do it all on their own
  • Recognise that to develop their business they must develop themselves
  • They don't always what they set out to do

I deliberately ensure that each Mastermind group is a group of like-minded people but from a diverse range of businessesThis enables a diversity of thinking, maximises the collective brainpower to help you develop your business. 

 In the Asentiv Mastermind Community we:

  • Share our ideas as well as give and receive feedback
  • We hold each other accountable in the way that works for each member so that they can move forward
  • Enhance our decision making
  • Challenge ourselves and each other
  • Spend an appropriate amount of time working on our business 
  • Define clear actions
  • Become unstuck and move forwards

Here's what a couple of current Mastermindians have said:

"Some of the tasks I've set myself have been well outside of my comfort zone but it has all helped me grow as a business owner. I now find myself as 2020 draws to a close in a stronger position than when I started out at the beginning of the year."

"I joined Jackie's Asentiv Mastermind group six weeks ago, and have already found my involvement in the group has made a difference to my business. The regular mastermind calls work really well on Zoom, and I always look forward to each meeting. Being part of the mastermind group has provided me time to think about, and work on, my business, and to take time away from client-facing work (always a challenge in a small business). As part of each meeting, we agree on actions. I find the support (and challenge) from my mastermind colleagues helps me keep focus on delivering – we are accountable to each other, in a very supportive environment." 

As a member of Mastermind, you also benefit from the game-changing Asentiv approach to getting more business, shortening the sales cycle, and growing your business through relationship marketing. 


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