Ignite Your Business

Ignite your business

Never has it been more vital to build a strong network around you, and to know how to fully leverage that network.

Ignite your Business is a group coaching program, delivered in person over Zoom, by Jamie Stewart, Dawn Owen and Jackie Casey - 3 of the UK's leading Referral Marketing Coaches and experts in business development.

This program will take you right back to basics and will deliver you a strategy to increase business for your business; which you will already have started to implement and see results from (if you do what we tell you!!)

This is the way that we grew our own businesses and we believe in it so much that we are now committed to sharing it with as many other business owners as possible so that you too can experience a massive shift in your business.

​​So what does it entail?

A series of 8 x 2.5-hour Zoom Live sessions with 2 coaches followed by 8 Monthly Group Coaching sessions, to ensure the knowledge is implemented, actioned and most important of all - that you are kept accountable!

All the Zoom sessions are recorded so you can listen in at your convenience, and this is what we'll be covering-​

  • Craft your personal vision
  • Identify what is most important to you
  • Why you do the things you do
  • What are you trying to accomplish
  • Are all the things that create your image congruent with the person or business that you want to be
  • Hone down your ideal client persona
  • What they look like
  • Where you might find them
  • Identify the key relationships that can help you achieve your vision
  • Stratify your entire contact database to create your Relationship VIP list
  • Discover activities you can do with the VIP list to transform these relationships into the referral production you want
  • Identify the different groups of people that can refer business to you
  • How to use a social media strategy to further encourage relationships, and develop new ones


That is the basis of what it takes to successfully grow your business using relationship marketing.

So, are you going to do it the hard way or the easy way?
You can take that list and start working through it now on your own OR
You can work with someone who has been there, done it and knows how to get there!

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